From the 12th to the 15th of September 2023 the OCE is hosting its second International Seminar on Climate Change Education (CCE) in partnership with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. 


Fostering the development and implementation of climate change education around the world

As the interest for climate change education grows internationally, the OCE wishes to create a space where decision makers and practitioners can get acquainted with the latest best practices and tools to help them accelerate the implementation of quality climate change education projects.

These three and a half days event will be comprised of a high-level day that will bring together a diverse set of key stakeholders, from international development banks, philanthropies and ministries to local NGOs from regions around the world, all working on CCE implementation strategies.

This segment will be followed by a full 3 days of workshops aimed at understanding the core principles of climate change education. Participants will get a chance to focus on concrete topics such as:

  • Understanding inquiry based science pedagogy approaches
  • Human and social sciences in the context of CCE
  • Building positive narratives for climate action
  • Intersections of global citizenship and CCE
  • Defining quality CCE and discussing evaluation methods
  • Public policy: Integrating CCE into National Determined Contributions
  • Strategic planning workshops

Click on the image to find the preliminary program bellow and click here to read all the information about the event :



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