PERU - The National Education Meeting 2023

The National Education Meeting 2023, scheduled for November 14 and 15 in Lima and organized by the National Council of Education, marks a significant milestone in the Peruvian education landscape. This event represents the culmination of a cycle that includes 29 regional dialogues across Peru, where recommendations have been collectively agreed upon to promote the development of environmentally-conscious citizenship within the framework of the National Educational Project for 2036.

Education, will participate in two relevant panels during the event. The first will delve into the role of education in relation to environmental sustainability and climate change within the context of active citizenship. Djian will explain how to integrate education on climate change in international arenas, such as COPs.

In the second panel, discussions will revolve around the challenges of collaborative work among the government, NGOs, and civil society associations. Djian will present the ALEC project (Latin America for Climate Education), which aims to promote climate change education in Latin America by adapting pedagogical resources to local contexts, enhancing teacher professional development, and creating a community of practices dedicated to this cause.

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