Workshops in Estonia

On May 23rd and 24th, the OCE will conduct its first training in Estonia as part of its partnership with Pernova Educational Center. This partnership aims to contribute to the dissemination of quality climate change educational resources and training of teachers and students in Estonia, notably through the translation of our guidebook “The Climate in our hands: Climate change and land” into Estonian.

These workshops  are intended for teachers and trainers and aim to provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand how to address climate change in the classroom. This event will be an opportunity to introduce OCE’s activities and lessons to the participants, for example, our roleplay on the greenhouse effect, our resources on eco-anxiety or more generally, our project based pedagogy.

Organizers: The Office for Climate Education is organizing this training in partnership with Pernova. 

Pernova is an innovative educational center which is known all over Estonia and internationally. Its mission is to support the development of educated and environmentally conscious members of society by creating opportunities for acquiring versatile formal and non-formal education in the fields of nature, engineering and technology. 




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